Multi Gas Detector



Compact monitor for up to four gases



Multi Gas detector รุ่น QRAE II (มีปั๊ม)  สามารถใช้วัดแก๊สได้ 4 Sensor  ในเครื่องเดียว  ( O2,LEL,H2S,CO )


This compact portable device, available in both diffusion and pump models, monitors up to four gases in confined spaces. Designed for hazardous environments, it can measure levels of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and combustibles, and checks for adequate oxygen with a state-of-the-art, lead-free oxygen monitor. The QRAE II’s water-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant case provides durability, and three alarms – light, sound, and vibration – to make sure the user is aware of any danger. The intuitive, two-button interface is easy to use, even when wearing two layers of gloves. Plus, with easy access to the pumps, sensors, filter, and battery, maintenance is streamlined.


Key Features | Applications

Patented SPE O2™ Oxygen sensor unique features:

  • Lead-free design that already complies with future RoHS Standard
  • Extended life compared to lead-type electrochemical oxygen sensors resulting in low cost of ownership
  • Leak-free design, minimizing downtime

Best EMI/RFI immunity technology for products in its class, eliminating radio interference

Easy access to sensors, filter and battery compartment without exposing electronic components to potential damage

Big graphic display for easy overview of gas type and concentration

Alkaline adapter and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery packprovide up to 14 hours of continuous operation

Rugged housing withstands harsh environments:

  • IP-65 Water- and dust-resistant case
  • Strong, protective concussion-proof design

Confined space entry and general

safety and compliance in:

  • Emergency response
  • Environmental
  • Fire service
  • Industrial safety
  • Oil and gas applications
  • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around