Multi Gas Detector





The latest in a long line of portable photoionization detectors (PID) from Rae Systems, the MiniRAE 3000 is among the most advanced portable VOC monitors available on the market. Able to use 9.8, 10.6, or 11.7 eVPID lamps, the MiniRAE 3000 features humidity compensation, an extended range of 0–15,000 ppm, and an integrated correction factors list of more than 200 compounds. The MiniRAE 3000 is ideal for a range of applications from HazMat and leak detection to industrial hygiene.


Key Features

  • Proven PID technology The patented sensor provides the following unique features: - 3-second response time - Extended range up to 15,000 ppm with improved linearity - Humidity compensation with integral humidity and temperature sensors
  • Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF modem or Bluetooth
  • Designed for simple service Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools
  • Big graphic display for easy overview of gas type, Correction Factor and concentration
  • Field-interchangeable battery pack replaced in seconds without tools
  • Integrated flashlight for better view in dark conditions
  • User-friendly screens, including dataplot chart view
  • Integrated RAE Systems Correction Factors list for more than 200 compounds to measure more chemicals than any other PID
  • Multi-language support with 12 languages encoded
  • Rugged housing withstands use in harsh environments - IP67 waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination in water - Strong protective removable rubber boot