Single Gas Detector





MSA ALTAIR Pro features a broad range of 20 series sensors which are field proven and fast-responding. Available configurations for these include O2, CO, H2S, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, HCN, NO2, PH3 and SO2. In order to reduce instrument down time all sensors are simple to fit.


Key Features

Safety First

MSA’s gas detector is IP 67 rated and is designed to tolerate a 3m drop test. The housing of the ALTAIR gas monitor is extra thick and rubberised to provide protection from accidental drops. To ensure resistance to water and dust ingress the ALTAIR Pro has a simple, yet effective tight seal. Metal screw inserts offer a high level of structural stability over the unit’s lifetime.

To ensure oxygen gas detection is safely carried out, there is a rugged suspension clip which can be fitted as standard to MSA ALTAIR pro so it can be securely attached to clothing.

There are three other clips available as options; the cell phone clip, the lanyard clip and also the hardhat clip.


Easy to Read and Use

The gas detection monitor has a large numeric display which allows the user to view gas concentration, alarm conditions, battery status, set points and peak reading with accuracy and confidence. To offer quick and easy access to all functions of the oxygen gas detector true single-button is in operation.

By confirming “Gas Test” with a single button press, MSA ALTAIR Pro allows for a simple bump check, which will be recorded and displayed on the screen as a checkmark for 24 hours.

The MSA ALTAIR Pro has a superior triple alarm system which consists of a distinctive audible alarm of 95 dB at 30cm, super bright LEDs visible from a 320° angle and a strong vibration alarm. There is a distinctive difference between the High alarm sounds and the Low, TWA and STEL alarm. This difference is also repeated for the visual alarm. The numeric display of the ALTAIR gas detector also shows “LO” or “HI” alarm status.


Data Logging

A highly comprehensive data logging facility is standard on ALTAIR Pro and the 50 latest events, along with the peak gas reading are recorded in the session log every 3 minutes. The data collected can be transferred to a PC using the multi-lingual MSA Link Software and ALTAIR Pro’s Infra-Red link. This means the data can be assessed quickly and easily.